About Lux6

Our mission is to make the return or the move of C-level expats to The Netherlands as smooth and exciting as possible, supporting them in the areas of housing, career, living and family matters. Not to romanticize obstacles, but it’s harder to move abroad than is to just go on vacation and it is absolutely worth it.


Lux6 does provide tailor-made solutions by our senior hospitality consultants to find permanent residences, to truly explore the city when you are actually living there, to show you the places where to find stylish furniture and clothing, healthy food, good restaurants and luxurious toiletries. We have achieved our goals when expats reach a point where their new destination becomes “home”.

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    Not everyone out there can imagine life without a family. For most of us our family is an integral part of our lives. No law in this world can defy this fact. Despite all the odds, your family will take care of your wellbeing, and try their best to provide you the greatest comforts in the world.

    They will also protect your dignity and make sure that your boat sails successfully to the shore, irrespective of the odds in life. LUX6 is your guide to shore into The Netherlands. We personally take care of you and your love ones, until your new destination is called home … Let us guide you!

    The hospitality consultants of LUX6 know all the good stuff
    to help you make a home in The Netherlands.


    Young Expat Services relocates and guides expats with educational support. Finding a local or international school in the city can be very difficult and complicated so our job is to make sure that the family has a soft landing in the Netherlands. It’s important for us to take away all the hassle of the move for any of your employees coming to the Netherlands. We offer excellent A-Z services for the families.


    We have relocated over 250 children in 2017 and not one family has gone back to their home country.



    Tours & Tickets, situated in the very heart of Amsterdam, has over 30 years of experience as a flexible incoming tour operator.


    We are specialized in offering excursions in The Netherlands and Belgium. And we offer various tickets for museums, attractions and all kinds of canal cruises. We also offer an exclusive range of combi deals.