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Our mission is to make the return or the move of C-level expats to The Netherlands as smooth and exciting as possible, supporting them in the areas of housing, career, living and family matters. Not to romanticize obstacles, but it’s harder to move abroad than is to just go on vacation and it is absolutely worth it.


Lux6 does provide tailor-made solutions by our senior hospitality consultants to find permanent residences, to truly explore the city when you are actually living there, to show you the places where to find stylish furniture and clothing, healthy food, good restaurants and luxurious toiletries. We have achieved our goals when expats reach a point where their new destination becomes “home”.

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    There’s something undeniably invigorating about making love to a city, over and over until it’s yours. It’s a piece of you.


    However, it might take some time finding somewhere to live, understanding navigation in a new city, securing your routine – getting a hang of life abroad.

    LUX6 will guide you by personally introducing you to our team of trusted real estate agents in The Netherlands for renting and buying property, coordinating housing visits and the itinerary preparation. We have achieved our goals when expats reach a point where their new destination becomes “home.”

    Tailor-made solutions by our senior hospitality consultants to find permanent residences.



    Wittenberg, Amsterdam’s most distinguished boutique aparthotel, has just opened its doors and celebrated its grand opening. To introduce the hotel, guests were treated to exclusive tours of the beautiful canal-side 18th century property and its elegant apartments.


    Catering for guests staying for a week or more, the design-led aparthotel is created for the discerning traveller who is looking for a second home whilst based in Amsterdam for pleasure or business. Wittenberg bridges the gap between home and a hotel stay, making it an exciting addition and great alternative to hotels and traditional serviced apartments in Amsterdam.

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    Ramón Mossel Real Estate specializes in all areas of residential real estate.


    We are the number one firm in Amsterdam for high flyers and professional organizations. Our highly motivated team consists of driven and committed professionals with a passion for assisting our private clients to buy, sell, rent or search for the home of their dreams. Our unrivalled expertise and knowledge of the local market helps professionals strike highly profitable deals in leasing or selling new and existing properties.



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    Welcome to Mondial Movers International, existing for more than 25 years.

    We are your go-to moving company in the Netherlands. As part of Mondial Movers we have 28 branches in our small country. You can therefore rely on the fact that it is indeed our own staff that does your moving for you. Our specializations:

    — Import from all over the globe for handling and delivery in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe

    — Import services – Customs services – Local assistance

    — Export out of Europe, via the port of Rotterdam, to destinations all over the world

    — Domestic moving in the Netherlands

    — Moving from the Netherlands to all European destinations

    — Moving from European destinations to the Netherlands.

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    PRL Bouw bv has manifested itself in recent years as a small player in the construction sector. But that is precisely its power!


    PRL Bouw bv is flexible and works closely with a small group of specialists per segment. The combination of craftsmanship, customization and beautiful workmanship has allowed PRL Bouw bv to call itself a specialist in the trade. Specialists, not only through craftsmanship but also through fast service.

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